Ann Cordum, M.D. & Kristen Fiorentino, M.D.

personalized medicine

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• A note from Doctors Fiorentino and Cordum

        We believe that honor and respect of each individual is integral to health and healing.  We consider the doctor-patient relationship to be sacred, and take great pleasure in getting to know our patients.  We understand that listening to a patient is our most valuable diagnostic tool.  We love a good diagnostic puzzle and consider it the internist’s job to solve it.  We are convinced that many Americans are over-medicated.  Systematically, and when appropriate, we strive to minimize the number of medications our patients take.

        We believe the best health insurance policy is an investment in one’s own health and fitness – and we enjoy motivating others to invest and take ownership of their health.  We assist patients in health and wellness, disease prevention and optimization of one’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

        Many of us feel vulnerable when seeking medical care.  We hope that by telling your story only to the doctor, you will feel relaxed and confident in your care.  We strive to provide a comfortable environment that feels less like a clinic and more like a home.  And, if that doesn’t work, we can always do our talking on the trails.