Ann Cordum, M.D. & Kristen Fiorentino, M.D.

personalized medicine

203 West Fort Street Boise, ID, 83702

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1.   DO YOU TAKE MY INSURANCE?  We give you all the documentation you need to submit your claim to insurance, however, we do not bill insurance.  Please check with your insurance company for out-of-network benefits.  This applies only to your visits here.  You may still use your insurance for healthcare outside of our office for specialty consultation, x-rays, procedures, physical therapy, hospital admission, medical equipment, etc. 

2.   WHY DON’T YOU TAKE MY INSURANCE?  We work for YOU.  Your care here is directed by the doctor and not by an insurance company.  We believe your treatment plan should be determined by you and your physician, not by a third party who does not know you and has not gone to medical school.

Cost of care is frequently lower because we do not spend money to manage insurance contracts.


4.   HOW CAN I GET REIMBURSED BY MY INSURANCE COMPANY?  You may submit your superbill to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your policy.  Most insurance companies have forms available for download on their websites.  If you would like someone to do this for you, Treasure Valley Billing provides competent, professional independent billing for $10/visit. Lab test submissions are an additional charge.

Treasure Valley Billing

(208) 401-5572


6.   WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS?  We operate by appointment only.  When we are in the office, our attention is devoted 100% to the patients we are seeing.  As such,  we are unavailable for drop-in questions.

7.   HOW DO I REACH YOU?  By design, we do not interrupt our patient appointments to answer phone calls.  So, chances are good that you will be leaving us a voicemail message.  We check messages frequently and return calls based on clinical urgency.

8.   WHY SHOULD I RECEIVE MY CARE AT YOUR OFFICE?  We are kind, compassionate, board certified physicians trained in internal medicine. We have many years of experience.  The doctors meet regularly to discuss complicated cases.  We have generous appointment times.  We are readily accessible.  We do not have a phone tree.  We know you by name when you call.  We generally can see you quickly when needed.  We strive to run on time.  Care is not rushed.  We give you time to get all your questions answered.  We care about you and spend time thinking about you and your best care.  We do the worrying for you.

9.   HOW DOES YOUR PRACTICE DIFFER FROM OTHERS?  We run a small, discreet practice.  Your medical information is kept strictly confidential and is not accessible to others without your consent.  We do not store your health information in the cloud. Care is personalized to your specific needs, values and priorities.

We are committed to remaining independent from corporate medical interests and influences.

10.WHAT MODES OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT? Cash, check, credit, debit, HSA cards.